unexpected blessings


This past weekend I was reminded of how important one’s home is.

We can define the term ‘home’ in many different ways. Perhaps it is where you grew up. Or maybe it is where you currently live.

I found myself struggling to define it both in college and when I moved to a new place with my first real job. Those places became my homes because of the environment and relationships formed, but I also had a home where my parents still lived.

We have been in this new place for almost 5 months and I am happy to say that it feels like home. It’s more our living space that feels that way to me, but the rest of it is growing on me too.

I am the type that loves to be at home. I do love to go out, meet friends, go to house parties, etc…, but there is something about creating a place of rest in your home, which is so important when we are seeking renewal.

I am glad that we have a created a space that provides comfort, relaxation and a sense of peace. Not everyone has a home that can be described that way.

Whether it’s a space, a feeling or the people around you, I hope you can experience ‘home’ in the same way I do, right now in this place.

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