31 Days

Hope Restored (#write31days-Day 31)

I end this #write31days journey in a much different place than I began. It’s an unexpected blessing, which quite appropriately fits the title of my blog.

While I had not lost hope prior to a month ago, it was much further in the distance and harder to see.

Hope has been restored.

The last two years as I finished this journey, I had momentum to keep writing. I feel the same this year, but with a different resolve. The challenge to write every single day had kept me going. Writing about a topic I believe in has given me hope for the future.

I want to keep writing, I want to keep sharing, I want to keep building relationships with others who read what I write and connect with it because of their own personal experiences.

I came across 30 days of writing prompts, which I saved for future use. I plan to use that as a guide as I continue to blog on a regular basis in November and beyond. I am going to give myself grace if I don’t post everyday, but expect to hear from me several times a week.

The second encouragement from this journey came from my friend, Jennifer.

A month or two ago, when my days were much foggier, she told me about a new conference called, VoxCon. She wanted to share it with me.

I went to the registration website to learn more and I was immediately inspired.

I want to go to VoxCon. Who wants to join me?

Who else is feeling inspired and hopeful?
Who else has found your voice and wants it to be heard?
Who else has a story to share? 
Who else wants to refine the calling you have been given? 

I’ve been praying about how to approach this ask, because I will need financial support to go. Our current situation does not allow for many “extras.” Very rarely do I take trips that aren’t work or family connected, but this is a trip I want to take for me. 

I need to register ($250 if I register before today ends, $399 after that) and figure out lodging (rooming with a friend would make this more feasible.)
I currently live just a few hours from NYC and am looking to take the train up (a more affordable and reliable option).

The best part is that a portion of my registration goes to a cause that concerns me (and I am sure many of you too): the Flint Water Crisis.

I have a birthday coming up and Christmas, too. And as an adult, I now rarely expect gifts of any kind for these types of celebrations, because I’ve learned that quality time is much more treasured than anything else. But if you are feeling compelled by my story, or want to celebrate how hope has restored and inspired me, please support this endeavor.

I know I don’t have much to give when others ask for support, so prayers above all else are what I am seeking. But if you are able to help me take this trip, I will be so thankful and will plan to share what inspires me through this blog and more specifically with supporters.  And if for some reason, I am unable to go, all funds raised will go directly to the Flint Water Crisis, so that something good still comes out of it.

An invitation is extended to anyone who would like to join me on an exciting adventure to discover ourselves and how we have voices and stories that are meant to be heard.

Thank you for joining me on this journey this month. I pray that you have discovered something important inside of yourself by connecting to the personal experiences I wrote about. I hope you will move froward in your own lives with hope, encouragement and purpose.


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