31 Days

Hope Rising (#write31days-Day 25)

Hope is rising.

Yesterday’s post had no expectations from me other than being an outlet to share something deep and personal. I had hope that my sharing would impact others who walked this road in their own lives. After I wrote it, the weight was lifted and I could feel a difference in my demeanor.

To share personal experiences is important to me, but it also requires taking a risk in sharing in such a public forum. Writing is truly a gift to me, because regardless of the setting it conveys the message I want to express.

I have read each and every comment both on the blog post and on my Facebook, too. Each was heartfelt and caring, and I knew that we really do have support on all sides of us.

So much hope has risen from this experience:

  • I had text and messenger conversations with many family and friends who shared their own experiences. It takes guts to be so vulnerable with someone you know (even in a private conversation), because you don’t know how someone will respond. I truly believe when we can be open and honest, it only helps each of us grow stronger in our own battles. I applaud each of you that made comments, sent messages and took the time to send an encouraging word.
  • As I’ve walked through 25 days of writing posts about hope, I have noticed how much more I am giving to God. This has allowed me to begin reaching out again to the people so dear to me. I’ve given up control, leaned on Him and become less consumed.
  • Yesterday was a good day and I paused and celebrated. I am learning to recognize those moments.

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