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How His Love Endures: May 2021

I set a goal at the end of last month to complete a task by the end of May. I was trying to mentally prepare myself for what would be emotionally draining. At first I thought I was procrastinating and then I realized I just wasn’t ready.

Instead, I spent the month pausing and enjoying so many gratitudes in my life.

The advancement of science to get a vaccine in the arms of millions just over a year since a global pandemic began.

Sorting through a decade’s worth of career stuff will come in due time. I am not avoiding it or procrastinating, I am just not ready and that’s ok.

If you aren’t ready to forgive that person or people that hurt you so deeply, that’s OK.
If you aren’t ready to venture beyond your home after a year of fear and uncertainty, that’s OK.
If you aren’t ready to take off your mask because their are children who still can’t get vaccinated, that’s more than OK.

God’s love endures through it all. He is with us, He is for us, He will see us through.

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  • Kathleen Carosi

    Beautifully stated, especially the part about it being okay if you are ready to forgive someone. I was blindsided by something last year and it has been a struggle processing it all while navigating all the other challenges of this past year. I also appreciate your part about masking wearing. I felt the struggle a little bit last week or so ago when I hit fully vaccinated and was like welllll I know I don’t have to wear it in the store but it feels strange not to and the pandemic doesn’t automatically end when you get your vaccine. Good luck with whatever career stuff you are going through.

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