How to Slow Down: Boil Water


Wait, what?

Yes, that’s what I said. One way to slow down is to boil water. Let me explain further.

We live in an advanced age where we have ready-made food and drinks at our finger tips in restaurants, drive thrus and in our own kitchens with fancy, quick appliances.

I surely do appreciate these things, even though I often take them for granted, but what’s the rush?

My husband and I recently bought ourselves a kettle and tea pot because we like to drink tea…especially when it’s cold and dreary outside.

We also recently changed how we made our morning coffee. Previously, I did not understand the point of a french press, but then I tried it and LOVED it.

Now that the methods for which we make coffee and tea have changed, it takes longer because the water has to boil in the kettle on the stove.

Now, we could just put the water in the microwave and…. ZING, it’s hot. But, what is the fun in that?

Since making this switch, I have truly enjoyed the process. It takes time, but it’s time I have built into my morning routine and honestly isn’t any more steps than setting up a coffeemaker.

image1 (1)

This is the teapot we bought. It took us forever to find one that matched both of our styles and needs, but we found it. More often, we boil water and try out different teas, which steep for awhile before we drink them.

It often brings up memories of pretend tea parties with my sisters, and fancy tea parties on special holidays with my mom.

I like tea, but it’s not so much the taste for me, as it is the calming effect it has on my life and the insistence that slowing down, even in daily routine, is possible and enjoyable.




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