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Today I begin a series on how to slow down. One of my goals for 2015 is to follow this mantra through various avenues. Living on the East Coast, I have no control of slowing down the pace. However, I can make choices in my own life that help me to avoid busyness and enjoy opportunities to rest.

I will share my thoughts in this series, but I also want to hear from you! Do you agree? What other activities do you do along the same lines? I am opening myself to try new things to slow down a lifestyle that has left me tired and unfulfilled. While I do my best to cherish each moment in this fleeting life, my prayer is that I will truly understand rest and honor the time that God intended for it.


First up, Gospel rest.

I heard this phrase for the first time at a gathering last week. It resonated in a way I did not expect. Apparently, meaning, it was something God wanted me to learn about.

The Gospel is the good news of Jesus Christ who died for the redemption of our sins and rose again in victory over sin, death and the devil.

That’s a BIG DEAL.

So, how do I live out Gospel rest?

One of my favorite ways to meditate on God’s Word is through worship music.

At the gathering I attended, I had the opportunity to worship alongside fellow friends in ministry. I was able to rest in the Good News of Jesus Christ through the rhythms and lyrics of the music.

I realized that I hadn’t truly ingested the Gospel message for myself in quite some time when tears started to fill my eyes. I am thankful to hear it often and know my sins are forgiven, but to truly REST in my Savior’s love for me really slows me down in the best way possible.

Two of the songs really struck a cord with me, one I knew and one, which I had never heard.

My plan is to continue to listen to these and other worship songs and not just sing, but truly listen to the words, for I know this is God speaking his Gospel rest to me through these songs.

I share them here with you, too.




How do you find Gospel rest?





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