i remember…

I remember

The sun shining down

On his bronzed and dirty face

He worked in his garden

Caring for God’s creation

I remember

A warm breeze lightly ran across my skin

I watched him intently

He looked tired

But he never wavered in his steps

I remember

Feeling so free and relaxed

Forgetting insignificant details

That plagued my life

They didn’t seem to matter

I remember

He bought us his favorite candy

That catchy television ad played in my head

“Gimme a break, gimme a break”

As he broke off a piece for each of us

I remember

He complained

It was too hot, or the mosquitoes were a bother

But I knew he loved it all

And he shared that enthusiasm with us

I remember

Lying in the hammock with my sisters

Or playing in the pond

He had dug himself

Loving every minute in that place

I remember

The smell of home cooking

The feeling of compassion

Filling every nook and cranny

A comfort in happy and sad times

I remember

I can still envision him working

As I look at the bare garden

The weeds over grown

The pond is empty

I remember

Now he is gone

That place or moment


His warmth will remain forever

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