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I’m Back!

Wow, I just looked and it has been three weeks since my last post!

It’s not because I have had nothing to say, that’s for sure!

At the end of June/early July I spent 10 days at a national youth convention where I teamed with hundreds of volunteers to serve 25,000 participants!

To say that I am still exhausted is quite the understatement!

This last week I have been going through some withdrawal after an amazing week of

  • Great service
  • Working with a dynamite team of people
  • Deepened relationships
  • Fun, fun fun!
The theme for the week was “LiveLove(d)” and I have to say that I am experiencing the effects of that more so after I have been home. As a behind the scenes person for an event like this, the experience is quite different, but it was still a great testimony to providing youth with the message of Jesus Christ in an authentic way. 
So, I am processing through all of that and trying to catch up on sleep, too!
Hope to be back to regular blogging this coming week!

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