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Information – #18

On this 18th day of November, I am thankful for information.

We live in the information age and most of the time, the amount we receive can by quite overwhelming. But what a blessing that we can receive information and with the age of technology, how quickly we can receive it!

Before the postal service, letters were carried by horsemen. Before the telephone, people had to talk to each other face to face to send and receive information. Imagine that all you texting and Facebook addicts!

Now we can stay in touch with friends thousands of miles away via, phone, email, internet and video conferencing!  It’s quite amazing if you can pry yourself away from your phone and take  a few seconds and think about it!

On a daily basis I can read blogs about various topics (news, sports, real life inspiration, etc…) and I am informed and learn about so many different subjects. Yes, it’s information overload, but it’s still good information that I learn from, am entertained by and is an enjoyable addition to my life!

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