Introvert & Identity

One of my passions is studying introverts and how they are shaped in their identities. I happen to be one of them, which is perhaps why the subject is so interesting to me.

It’s a label I’ve always been aware of, but not always by name. Early on, it was linked to my incredible shyness and quiet demeanor at school, church and among friends.

It was finally identified my freshman year of college and though I knew it described me, I was sitting in a room full of extroverts at the time wondering, did I choose the right career path?

This is a topic I would love to continue to share more about through my blog posts, but here’s a question for you:

How has the character of introvert shaped your identity? Or how has an introvert changed your perspective?


  • Kattee

    Introvert people are some of my favorite people on the plant. When I am in a large group, I love to find quiet/shy people & make sure they are having fun & feeling included. I seek them out. Maybe it’s the mamma bird in my soul that wants everyone to get a bite from the bird of fun, maybe it’s my social nature, but I’m always having more fun- when everyone is relaxed & having fun too. Personally, I don’t mind big groups, talking in front of a crowd, leading, and trying new things with new people I have never met. I enjoy introverts because they are usually the most interesting people in the room & I always love making a new friend.

  • emily

    This introvert appreciates you as an extrovert, Kattee! I am most intimidated by the extroverts that ignore me. All I need is one person to start a conversation and I am good to go!

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