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Introverts – #12

Today, on this 12th day of November, I am thankful for introverts.

I am thankful for introverts, not just because I am one, but because they helped me identify a large part of who I am at a time when I was unsure of myself.  I was quiet, but not just because I was shy. I wasn’t an active participant in class, but not because I wasn’t paying attention.

I was having a conversation a few days ago, and the response to me saying I was introverted was:

“I am surprised you are introverted because you aren’t socially awkward.”

It wasn’t meant as a jab and I didn’t take it that way, but it did surprise me.

Although I am not sure why, because I think many people (including introverts) have misconceptions of the personality type.

Yea, I admit I can be awkward at small talk. And in new social situations, I am quiet. But I work in a field where I’ve had to adapt to being “social”. I think I’ve done a pretty good job, and I am definitely more comfortable in that position.

I now see my introverted personality as a strength. I know that it takes a long time to process, so I function accordingly and communicate to others to improve lines of discussion. I quietly observe around large groups of people, but I’m not just being a wallflower, I am making connections.

Thank you to all the introverts out there who aren’t afraid to be who you were created to be. Thank you to all the extroverts who are a good balance for us. Thank you to all the introvert writers who have helped me process this piece of my identity and inspired me to write about it to help other introverts who are unsure, and extroverts to have a better understanding.

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