It’s Time…(#Write31Days-Day1)

I just saw a friend’s blog take up the challenge to blog for 31 days. I have been writing posts and not publishing for the last week or so. I need this back in my life.

“It’s time…” will be my theme for the next month of writing. This year has brought some unexpected changes.  I am ready to reflect and move forward in many areas of my life.

I’ve had deep conversations or internally processed many challenges throughout this past year, but my usual habit of writing everything down, hasn’t happened. Emotions were raw and the amount of inward thoughts became too exhausting to process any other way.   It begins again, today.

Itstime post1


Day 2 – It’s Time to Take Action

Day 3 – It’s Time to Get Fit & Stay Fit

Day 4 – It’s Time to Rest

Day 5 – It’s Time to Put Away the Violin

Day 6 – It’s Time to Enjoy the Drive

Day 7 – It’s Time to Engage in Conversation

Day 8 – It’s Time to Embrace the Changing Season

Day 9 – It’s Time to Move on from a Broken Relationship

Day 10 – It’s Time to Clean

Day 11 – It’s Time to Write Down my Prayers

Day 12 – It’s Time to Take a Deep Breath

Day 13 – It’s Time to Explore My Passions

Day 14 – It’s Time to Dance!

Day 15 – It’s Time to Love on Direct Sales Companies…Say What?

Day 16 – It’s Time to Travel

Day 17 – It’s Time to De-Clutter

Day 18 – It’s Time to Worry Less

Day 19 – It’s Time to Wake Up!

Day 20 – It’s Time to Love my Neighbor

Day 21 – It’s Time to Live in the Present

Day 22 – It’s Time to Stop Collecting Items/Ideas & Start Using Them!

Day 23 – It’s Time to Unplug…from at Least One Device!

Day 24 – It’s Time to Shop!

Day 25 – It’s Time to Savor

Day 26 – It’s Time to Choose Contentment

Day 27 – It’s Time to Slow Down & Listen

Day 28 – It’s Time to Dig Deeper

Day 29 – It’s Time to Find a New Writing Spot

Day 30 – It’s Time to “Treat Yo’ Self”

Day 31 – A Time for Everything



  1. Emily I just read your intro post and it sounds much like my position right now as well. I look forward to reading a fellow introverts thoughts!

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