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It’s Time to Choose Contentment (#write31days – Day 26)

I am reading a book for professional development called, “Leading from the 2nd Chair”. It has provided both professional and personal insights that have been instrumental in growing in my leadership skills over the last few months.

I recently read a section about contentment and how we choose it. “Contentment is possible if you choose to understand that something more is always at work in your experiences, beyond your needs, expectations and frustrations.” (Bonem, 124)

I wrestled with that because of some recent challenges I had with both health and job. The circumstances were out of my control and made me feel down, so it was hard to imagine that I could have chosen contentment. But, it reminded me of a passage from one of Paul’s letters.

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The key is Christ. No matter what the circumstance, we can choose contentment because God has chosen us as his dearly beloved children, who are clothed in the grace we have been given through Christ’s death and resurrection.


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  • Elizabeth

    I really like this idea of choosing contenment. I’ve heard of choosing happiness, so it definitely makes sense to extend that choice to contentment. It’s easier to choose contentment when you’ve chosen happiness and vice versa.

    • emily

      There is a difference for me between happiness and contentment. Happiness is temporary and very in the moment, where as contentment occurs even when more challenging things are happening and is much more of an umbrella over all of life’s occurrences.

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