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It’s Time to Clean! (#Write31Days-Day 10)

It is a beautiful Saturday and perfect weather for some fall cleaning.

I spent my morning at church, serving by cleaning up and around the building (myself and another lady cleaned all the exterior windows).

A church is a challenge to take care of and there are so many people that commit much time and effort to making it look beautiful, most often without an expectation of recognition or praise.

It felt good to work with my hands to accomplish something that was serving and glorifying God. My gifts and abilities are not around physical labor or craftmanship, so I always appreciate the times when I am able to serve in that way.

It is also motivation to clean my own apartment. I very easily jump at the chance to clean the church, someone else’s house, or any place else, but when it comes to my place, it’s much more challenging.

We are preparing to move to a bigger place next month, so it’s also time to de-clutter. I came across this article in my email and it was another piece of motivation to help me get organized¬†in a new season!

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  • Elizabeth

    Working with my hands = a big reason why I love servant events! A lot of people are confined to offices or cubicles all day, so I enjoy getting out and be more active.

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