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It’s Time to Dig Deeper (#write31days – Day 28)

So far this month, I’ve established a lot of directive for my life. I don’t see it as legalistic, but rather actions I desire for myself and ideas that will inspire and shape me.

Many of the posts have been about my passions & goals I already have for myself: exercising, traveling, etc…But I understand the importance of personal goal setting to look forward and work towards something.

I have to admit that in recent years, I have not put myself first. With a partner in life, I tend to put his needs above my own. Thankfully, he keeps me accountable for taking care of myself and does an amazing job of taking care of me as well. I also tend to make myself always available at work, and that has gotten me into trouble, too.

Personal goal setting is a way to dig deeper and challenge myself. It’s a way to nurture development and grow in various types of learning. It’s exciting to focus on how I can mature and make a positive difference with this precious life I have been given.

Most recently, I came upon an unrealized passion. A new friend has the desire to start a ministry for recovering addicts. And if you know one, (most of us do), that is a life long process. Even when a person is better, there is always a new normal because they are still battling the temptation of the addiction.

She invited me to be a part of the process and in the very early stages, it has been a joy to get to know a new friend and pray about what God has in store for the future. I am excited to explore a new path of sharing Jesus with others and dig deeper into how the heart of God is shaping my own heart for serving others!

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