31 Days

It’s Time to Engage in Conversation (#Write31Days-Day 7)

I’ve fallen into the trap of keeping my head down, running my errands and going straight home.

Yesterday, five strangers engaged me in conversation:

  • The bank teller who asked about my day and was very friendly and concerned.
  • The older lady at the grocery store who just needed an extra set of eyes to help her back out of her parking spot, when the sun had already set.
  • The other lady at Aldi who had a quarter to spare when I only had two dimes and a nickel.
  • And two Starbucks baristas….The first who took my order and could tell I had had a long day just from the tiredness in my face.  But she didn’t stop there, she made a great suggestion for how to relax and end my day!  And the second, who made my order and then sent me off with a “Have a good night, doll.”

All of those interactions, though subtle, perked me right up and reminded me of the importance of engaging in conversation with those around me. Just because I was tired and wanted to get home, doesn’t mean that those around me should be treated with any less respect.

I worked in the service industry during high school and college and have an appreciation for the work done, day in and day out, so that people like me can buy groceries and coffee whenever I want to.

In the Midwest, this would have been a typical day, nothing out of the ordinary to write about other than people treating other people with care and kindness.

While I don’t dislike the area of the country we live in, I realize I place a lot of blame on it for the change I’ve experienced in hospitality and road rage. It hard to avoid when you have lived in one area the majority of your life.

But last night, I had a renewed hope in the care that people have for one another, even perfect strangers. Those interactions were encouragement to engage in more conversation with the person in the grocery line, or the cashier at Starbucks. Perhaps they are having a bad day and I could provide a pick me up, like they did for me.

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