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It’s Time to Explore My Passions (#Write31days-Day 13)

I was listening to an episode of a podcast called, The Lively Show. I recently discovered it through another blogger and though I’ve only listened to it a few times, I enjoy the concept and the inspiration it provides to its listeners.

In the episode I just listened to, the guest shared a passion that has become her life’s work. Not only did she share about the actual project, but she shared about how she got to that point and the motivation that came with it.

One important tidbit she shared is that you don’t have to start a business or a non-profit for your passion or to make a positive difference. It was shared, and I find this to be true, that more often than not an organization already exists, which you can support in living out your passions.

It’s time to explore my passions, both current and undiscovered. I often have a hard time acknowledging that I am making a positive impact and don’t need to add more to my plate to live out my passions. For me, the world is so big and there is so much that I care about, that often it becomes too overwhelming to take on.

So, I am going to start simple. I will share those passions I am currently living out and those I want to explore more.

  • Serving Jesus 
    I am very thankful for the opportunity to do this every single day in regular interactions in my daily routine and in my call to serve in the church. We are all called in Matthew 28:20 to go and make disciples, regardless of what ministry may look like. Whether you are a church worker, teacher, nurse, electrician or CEO, we are all called to follow & serve Jesus.
  • Writing   
    Currently I blog (obviously) and a devotional book I wrote got published earlier this year, so that was pretty cool! I am hoping to start again in my prayer journal this week as a more private outlet to process my thoughts. I would like to explore writing workshops and conferences. I’ve signed up for various email alerts from other bloggers who have had success and while I will keep blogging, regardless, I love the challenge of reaching more people. I would also like to explore more opportunities to write books, or devotional apps (as the tools we use to read are changing). Another aspect of writing I would like to explore is calligraphy. This may sound silly, but remember book fairs and book orders in elementary school? I loved getting those catalogs and picking something out. I maybe got something every other time, because the library was more used, but in 6th grade I picked out a calligraphy set.  I am sad to say that it never came. Perhaps there was a mix up, I don’t remember, but I never got to try calligraphy and since then, I haven’t pursued it, so why not now?
  • Helping kids in need
    Currently I am a mentor at a local elementary school and this is my third year. I have my student from last year and I am enjoying building a better relationship with her. I had a fellow church member tell me about her experience with CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate). I began research into what was involved and while I usually am not fearful of long term commitments, I don’t think I am yet ready for this step. But I am still exploring and praying about the opportunity.
  • Inner-city mission
    Currently I am on a task force that is exploring ways to build long term relationships in our near by city and also have conversations with people about racial issues. While it’s been tough conversations some of the time, I enjoy the community, encouragement and prayer shared by a group of people who are passionate about people in the city. I would love to volunteer more in the city. There are mission organizations that need workers and I am up there occasionally to help with various service projects, but I would like to do it more consistently.
  • Jamberry
    I love this product (and I am not just plugging it because I am a consultant). I love the team of women I work with to share this product with our friends and I love the feedback I get from people who enjoy wearing the product. I still love the product and love to share it with others!

I know there is more to explore, but I keep telling myself to start small and grow from there. I look at this list and am encouraged by how I am already living out my passions. My hope is that I honor what I am already doing as I explore other ways to make a positive impact on those around me, my community and the world.

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