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It’s Time to Find a New Writing Spot (#write31days – Day 29)

If you are a writer, reader, or a creator of any kind, you need a spot. You need a place you can go that is a sanctuary of sorts. The lighting, sound and atmosphere have to be just perfect to focus and create, whether it is with words, artistic skill or a specific craft.

To be honest, most of my writing happens in the early morning at home, before my husband wakes up or my day has really started. I seem to write best then, or even late at night before bed. Sometimes I have to get my thoughts down before I go to bed, otherwise they are forgotten.  The worst is when I am driving. I have never been successful with Siri understanding anything I say, so I have to turn off the radio and repeatedly review the thoughts in my head until I can stop and write them down.

I’ve had a few special spots in the past, but I need to find a new one.

In Michigan there was this wonderful restaurant/hang out spot called Raven Cafe. It was Edgar Allan Poe-themed and it was amazing! I lived an hour away from it, though, so I didn’t go as often I would have liked!

When we lived in Baltimore, there was a great shop in Fells called The Daily Grind, which was always busy, but had a large space and many sitting options for those who came to work and create.

Where we live now, some friends showed us a cool book shop in Annapolis. No creative name or website apparently, but it’s not needed. It has the perfect feeling, a coffee bar and so many hidden chairs to settle down in. This is a great spot, but a little out of the way, so I would have to go prepared to spend a whole afternoon there.

The closest option is a coffee shop/deli a couple blocks from our apartment. I have been there once and if the TV volume is not up and there is music playing, it works. It’s smaller than I thought originally and no cozy corners, but it is right on main street so great for people watching.

What is your favorite spot? I would love to hear where you go in your city/town for reading and creating! Where do you go to remove yourself from the reality and grind of life? I am looking forward to exploring these places more and using them to enjoy my favorite hobbies!

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  • Michelle

    I love to go to our local library. It is pretty new, has great big windows, which means lots of light, big table (I like to spread out!) and it is quiet. I need quiet… to read, to journal, to dream. I’ve tried coffee shops, but the chatter and music just don’t work for me. Truth is I don’t go often enough. Perhaps your post is encouragement to put it on my calendar soon!

    • emily

      Our local library is currently being built new! They moved the former into a makeshift space that has no study space, so I am anxiously awaiting the new building to be completed! I occasionally used the library in previous locations, but haven’t had access to a nice one in awhile!

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