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It’s Time to Live in the Present (#Write31days – Day 21)

It’s October 21, 2015. I couldn’t pass up the chance to connect my post to this:



I try to be a person who really lives in the present, but I look forward to the future and I cherish the memories of the past. Experience is such an important shaper of who I am. Memories teach hard lessons and bring smiles in present situations.

How do you remember history, plan for the future and live in the now?

It’s taken a few years to finally adjust to living in a new place. For so long I really missed my previous home. I definitely still do, but it’s not “home” anymore. We can go back to visit, but staying is no longer a reality or the best fit for our life goals.

The irony is that I think time makes me more comfortable with where I am at, both physically and mentally.

My job requires me to plan ahead, many times, months in advance. I can likely tell you the date of every Sunday from here to Easter because I need to know it. It’s hard to enjoy the present event or holiday when I am thinking ahead.

So today, October 21, 2015, it’s time to just live in the present. What do I have going on in the next few hours, which I am excited about? Who will I cross paths with that will bring joy to my heart? How will I face the challenges that come my way?

The past shapes me and provides remembrance of people and experiences that have helped me become the person I am today. The future is unknown, but exciting and I don’t need to worry about more than that.

“Back to the Future’s” future looks surprisingly accurate, in some ways. It’s a fun day to reminisce and revel in the changes,  but I am going to do my best to dwell in the now.

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