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It’s Time to Love on Direct Sales Companies…Say what? (#Write31days-Day 15)

You must think I sound a bit out of my mind, right?

Most recently, Facebook has become the epicenter of direct sales marketing, online parties, etc…

You are bombarded every day by “friends” inviting you to parties and asking you to buy something.

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I totally understand the annoyance.

But since joining the direct sales industry a year and a half ago, I have observed some of these trends and the positive impact they are making on the people who are participating in the selling of products and on the consumer.

Sure, you think I have a bias because I am part of a direct sales company, but I am a consumer, too.

Here is the deal, I don’t like all of the products. But who likes every store that they walk into? We all have our different tastes and preferences and variety is good and makes life a bit more exciting.

We live such busy lives and online shopping has become a much more common practice. Now, not only is there Black Friday, but there is an entirely similar experience after Thanksgiving just for online shopping called Cyber Monday.

The madness that we have made of these man-made holidays is rather disturbing to me, but I love to gift give and focus on providing something special to family and friends on birthdays and other special occasions.

Direct sales companies and their products provide the perfect opportunity to purchase a personalized gift and do it from the comfort of home (most likely in my pj’s with a glass of wine)!

These days, everyone is on social media…well, it’s the clear majority, anyway. So it should be no surprise that Facebook, a way to connect with people, is also being used to connect people with products.

I am quite impressed with how marketing companies have embraced this new trend and are helping both companies and their consultants to develop successful businesses in the online community.

I can attest to the fact that the majority of those I know who are participating in direct sales are in the biz for the right reasons. They are passionate about the product they are selling and believe in the company that supports their business and helps them to succeed. They aren’t trying to spam your Facebook with unnecessary invites as a disservice, but because they want to share something with you.

The great thing about FB groups and events is that you can always say, “No.”  We all make choices everyday that impact us in positive and negative ways and the freedom in social media allow us to do that online as well.

For me, personally, I have learned to take a look at what I am being invited to first, before just RSVPing with a “No.” Plenty of times I do turn down invitations because I’ve already been to a party or realized that the product is not for me. But saying “Yes” to a party a year and a half ago, changed my life for the better. I love the product I sell and more importantly, the team of people who encourage me and the company, which provides all the tools I need to be successful.

I’ve also enjoyed products from other direct sales companies, which have provided meaningful, personalized gifts for myself and for others. As a gift giver, everything has to have a personal touch, and direct sales companies have made it easier for me to shop.

As a consultant, I better understand when someone says “No” and move on to the next person that I want to share with. That’s how life goes, isn’t it? If someone is not interested in something you are passionate about, you move on.

So, it’s time to give a shout out and to love on all my friends who are direct sales consultants.  I hope that you will give each of them a chance to share with you what they are passionate about. It’s a pretty neat experience when you give someone a chance!

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