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It’s Time to Rest (#Write31Days-Day 4)

For most people, Sunday is considered the Sabbath. Even for those who aren’t churchgoers, Sunday seems to be the day where everyone rests.

As someone who works in the church, it’s difficult for me to take the entire day as my Sabbath. I have a different day off in the week, where I try to rest, but even that is challenging.

So on Sundays, I take my Sabbath rest in moments…

  • The morning run before sunrise where I am listening to God’s Word in song.
  • Hearing young voices in the responsive prayer as we are united in thanksgiving to God in worship.
  • Putting on my pj’s and vegging out in front of the TV watching my favorite football team, once I’ve returned from church.

I don’t honor it enough, but it is in the third commandment: “Remember the Sabbath Day and keep it holy.” It’s time to rest.

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  • Michelle

    Love your sharing of your moments of Sabbath today.

    One churchworker to another… I understand the challenge.

    My Sabbath moments of rest today were…

    making pizza with my son for lunch with the family
    a needed nap after lunch
    watching part of the “Lion King” with my kiddos in the afternoon
    getting to be mama at the 6pm worship service, watching my girl and her confirmation buddies lead worship

    Thank you for the reminder to treasure and take the Sabbath moments.

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