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It’s Time to Travel! (#Write31days – Day 16)

Most of our family trips growing up were via the car. I love road trips. The open road, the alphabet game, the many, many hours of reading in the car.

I only traveled via plane a couple of times in my childhood, but once I started doing it, I never wanted to stop.

There are plenty of downsides to travel which I don’t like: the dreaded act of packing to go on the trip, the way my stomach feels if I eat too much or the wrong kind of food in the airport, the longer flights where I can’t sleep.

But every trip, whether after long hours in the car or many stop overs in the airport, is worth it when I arrive. There is something adventurous about travel, even when it’s planned. I love the opportunity to people watch on the journey and discover a new city or town. Traveling allows for enjoying people and places that aren’t part of my regular routine.

Most of my travel occurs to see family. If it’s a trip for work, I always try to tag on time to see a family member or friend. ¬†Rarely have I traveled just for myself, and it’s time to start.

I have a travel buddy, my friend Elizabeth, who I have known since high school. We traveled to Europe to visit some friends who were living there, but it was one of the first overseas trips I took as an adult for fun. Just this last summer, we traveled to Michigan for a servant event, so a different type of vacation, but still a memorable one, nonetheless!

It’s very easy just to keep working and only take breaks at the holidays, but my job never really slows down. There isn’t a season where there is less going on. So, I am learning to make time to take breaks, regardless of the “convenience.”

Most recently we have been discussing what city it would be fun to travel to, which neither of us have been to. She just shared this link and I am excited to plan our next adventure!

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