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It’s Time to Unplug…from at least one device! (#write31days – Day 23)

Friday is my Sabbath. As someone who works as a ministry professional, I don’t have a 9-5 job or weekends off. So today is meant for relaxing. But it’s hard to unplug from everything.

I love technology, but it can be a little ridiculous sometimes.


My husband loves having the latest and greatest new tech tool. That means whenever a new iPhone comes out, he trades in for it. I’ve insisted that I don’t need it, but when it doesn’t cost a thing to upgrade, then I also say, “Why not?”  I’ve caught myself checking a text on my iPhone, while playing a game on my iPad, as I prepare to use our iMac to write a blog post! I mean, really, that is too much! I understand that we are blessed beyond belief to even own multiple devices, but that doesn’t mean they need to be used all of the time.

I’ve heard of people taking a technology sabbath and while it’s a great concept, it’s challenging. As a hobby I am in direct sales, so when I am not working my full-time job, I am using technology to connect and share my product. On my Sabbath I like to call friends and family members to catch up. I like to watch all my favorite shows and play computer games. All of those activities use technology. Even when I run, especially longer distances, I like to listen to a podcast or music to keep me motivated.

But I think it’s so important to unplug every once in awhile. My favorite vacation is to Camp Arcadia in Michigan, because the cell service is so poor. If the technology doesn’t work, it’s much easier to step away. But taking a break in my normal routine takes discipline. It takes the understanding that I am not missing out on anything if I turn off my phone for a couple of hours.

So how am I going to do this? I think I need to take small steps rather than big giant leaps. Schedule an activity on my sabbath that is outside, maybe take a walk or sit by the river behind our complex and write in my journal. Rather than feeling like something is being taken away, I can add an activity that I enjoy, which doesn’t require technology.

I have run without music, but it needs to be a shorter run. I have prayed while running, so there is certainly something to occupy my thoughts and what better way to spend my time exercising!

I don’t always need to have my phone out and lit up wherever I am at. I don’t always need to be available. It’s time to unplug and hopefully as I do it more, I will better appreciate the technology that I have, but also understand that I can function without it.

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