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It’s Time to Write Down my Prayers (#Write31Days-Day 11)

A few years ago I stopped writing in a journal for myself. There was a lot of transition in my life and too much going on. I was overwhelmed. But it wasn’t just a journal, it was a prayer journal and while I didn’t stop praying, I stepped back from doing it consistently because I didn’t write my requests down.

At a time when I truly needed to lean on God, I stopped a habit that was feeding my soul.

I have the tools needed, a Bible, a journal and a pen. In fact, I have this prayer journal, which was a gift. It even have tabs for different types of prayers, depending on what I want to talk to God about.  I looked at it and I started in the beginning of 2009. I remember that being a difficult time, where I had just broken off a relationship and was mad at God. But I started writing prayers and healing and coming back to my Father.


It’s time to write my prayers down again and use my favorite vehicle: pen & paper. I am even more sure that the timing is right on this because a friend just posted this article, which provides ideas on praying the Scripture.

It may not happen right away, but I have everything I need and God is always present to listen and respond. I need to sit in the stillness and unload my mind….easier said than done.

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