It’s Time to Start Again

It’s been several months, and I’ve recognized it for just as many, I’ve changed.

I wanted to be the person that went with the flow and was laid back about change. I am rather uncomfortable with the idea that I am not that person. Change is challenging for me and it is impacting who I am.

I’m not having as much fun as I once did. I’ve lost some independence and drive. I’m more cynical in some of my attitudes.

There are environmental factors, which contribute to where I am at now, but it’s also on me for letting it get to this point and I am OK with admitting to that.

When we moved across the country, I relied on my partner to make friends, instead of putting the effort in myself. I did eventually, but I waited until the point of discontentment to do it. We have been in the area for just over 3 years and I still struggle with finding consistent social engagements that provide fulfillment and enjoyment.

I dove into a new job and left little time for any hobbies outside the workplace. Now as I try to pull the reins back, it’s a temptation to continue to work rather than participate in an activity, which brings me rejuvenation.

It’s that time of the year where everyone makes resolutions. My timing matches up with that, but not on purpose. It has been a long time coming for me to get back on a track that gives me joy.

I realize that I have forgotten what I enjoy doing and I want to remind myself. It sounds silly, because how can you forget to engage in activities you like to do? I am not sure how it happened, but it did. Following the the theme of my 31days posts in October, it’s time to start again.

Join me in my journey as I ask, answer and explore these three questions:

  1. What do I enjoy now?
  2. What did I used to enjoy doing that I do less often or not at all now?
  3. What would I like to explore?

Explore your own desires to try something different in 2016!


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