unexpected blessings


Since I am an internal processor as an introvert, it’s really important that there is nothing in the way of that happening. However, when conflict and stress arise in my life, along with busyness and transition, it makes it difficult.

I used to write in a journal all the time. I wrote down my thoughts, prayers, and just about anything that was on my mind.

I stopped several months ago when a lot was happening in my life. It was happening so quickly, that I couldn’t internally process it, and therefore, it made it difficult to even write it down.

I am really in need of time spent with my thoughts (go ahead and insert the introvert jokes), and I got my journal back out last week. I am not daily writing, but I am anxious to write down everything that has been on my mind lately.

Writing is a release for me. This blog has helped tremendously, but I can’t write everything here. I need a private space to let my thoughts run free and a place that aid my processing, healing and move forward.

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