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Journey On: A Book Review

I had a friend and fellow ministry professional, Brandon, write a short review of the book I wrote and has just been published. I hope this is helpful to parents, youth workers and those who are planning to gift this book with a purpose!

“Journey On…Never Alone would be a blessing for any high school graduate or young adult.The book is practical, encouraging and continually points to the saving grace of Jesus. Young adults can use this as a daily/weekly devotion or part of a group Bible Study. Parents and youth leaders, use this to pray for your young adults and help support them in this transition.”

Brandon Heath serves at Christ Lutheran Church in La Mesa, CA, where he has a passion to build relationships with & minister to youth, college age & young adults. He is currently serving on the National Youth Gathering planning committee, organizing and serving the Young Adult Volunteer team for the 2016 youth gathering in New Orleans.  He has helped to coordinate the  Young Adult Volunteer team at the last two youth gatherings and works with a team to provide opportunities beyond this national event for young adults to connect and serve together as ORANGE NATION.    Learn more here: Orange Nation

Here’s the link to the place you can purchase the book and other themed gifts for the graduate you know!



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