Long Expected

It’s been about a week since I’ve posted. Partly because after 30 days of thankfulness, I wanted to dwell and reflect on all that I wrote about. Partly because in this busy season, breaks are few and far between unless you intentionally take them.

Now it’s a new season.

It begins. For some it began Thanksgiving night and into Black Friday, but that’s not what I am talking about.

Advent begins. This is the time of hope and anticipation for the birth of our Savior, but instead it has become another excuse to be busy getting ready for another holiday.

My challenge for you is to watch this entire video. And then, pick just one slot of time (whether a few hours or a whole day) and instead of scheduling another event or shopping trip, Sit. Wait. Hope. Live in the wonder of Christmas. Remember why we have the opportunity to celebrate in the first place.

Long and Expected.  Two words that I wouldn’t necessarily put together. But when it comes to Jesus, God knew what he was talking about!

Oh, Come, Lord Jesus. I am so excited to celebrate you!

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