Me Too. (#write31days – Day 17)

When I see copy/paste type posts on Facebook I usually gloss over them. They are an equivalent to me of the dreaded “email forward,” which I always felt compelled to share back in the day.

However, when I came across the following status of a friend, I paused:

“Me too.

If all the women who have been sexually harassed or assaulted wrote ‘Me too,’ as a status, we might give people a sense of the magnitude of the problem. 

Please copy/paste.”

A post like this could truly make a difference.

I hesitated as I wondered if what I had experienced even counted. At the same time, I recalled the dozens of times I had been cat-called on runs (since I was a teenager), inappropriate comments by men in public settings (including church), and other uncomfortable experiences, which I have likely not even realized their impact.

I matter in this message.

This is one type of post that you wish you didn’t have so many responses. As I watched my friends comment and repost themselves, I was sad to see this experience we all had in common.

I jumped on Twitter and realized the movement had begun there. There were tens of thousands of tweets and #MeToo was trending nationwide and around the world. And this isn’t just a women’s issue, either, it’s a human issue.

While it’s a terrible to share negative experiences such as these, it’s encouraging and uniting to be a part of a movement to speak up. Sometimes we have to be obvious in pointing out a problem for change to occur.  The reality and history is that the cycle of mistreatment has continued on for decades, but that doesn’t mean we should stay quiet.

I have hope in the women (and men) who have spoken up. I have hope in those who haven’t spoken up, but may gain courage in seeing this movement. I have hope in the kindness and respect of the majority of those who treat one another well. I even have hope that those who have been in the wrong will learn from their mistakes or have a conversation with someone who been negatively impacted and change their behavior. This last one only happens if we speak up.

So, let’s keep sharing our stories.


  1. Kim

    I’ve just started to share bits of my story the last couple of years. It is hard and painful, but gets easier with each new sharing. Since I do not do any social media I will have to say my “#MeToo” here.

    That makes me cry.

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