Death happens every day, it is inevitable. Because of our sinful selves, the devil and the world, we know that we are mortal and will die someday. This week marked the death of three “celebrities”, and the more it happens the more I wonder why some people’s death’s are talked about more than others. Does death have levels, are some deaths more tragic than others? Perhaps, yes, but everyone will die. Everyone deserves some closure when they die, not necessarily a media hype of sorts, but some tribute. Yet, because of the world we live in, someone we know only through music, tv appearances, media coverage will be idolized in their deaths even more so than in their lives.

We are all human, let us acknowledge that fact and give everyone the closure they deserve. Let’s not dwell on the famous or infamous as if they are better, because they are not, because they are not immortal, they will die, too.

There’s a fine line between honoring and idolizing…this world has already crossed over and I just pray that God will help me remember that all the honor and glory is for Him alone.

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