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My Why

Last weekend I got to check Utah off my list of states I haven’t yet visited. While I was there, I attended JamCon (a conference for a company called Jamberry, which I’ve sold nail products for as a hobby for over 3 years).

I am glad I finally had the chance to go. It was the first time in a while that I planned a trip for myself. I took vacation from my full-time job, and even though it was considered a professional conference, it was the opportunity for fun and personal growth for me in an inspiring setting.

Each person who had joined Jamberry has a unique reason why. We are encouraged to share our stories with friends, family and the company as well.  Until I came to this conference, it was difficult to pin point and verbalize why I had joined. It only took over 3 years to verbalize it (that’s even a lot of processing for this introvert!).

I’ve heard and continue to hear so many inspiring “why’s” for joining Jamberry and what it has done for the lives of so many. Yet, none of them fit me.

JamCon was inspiring and allowed me to put it into words why I was part of this community. I was surrounded by support and every person there had their own unique “Why” to share as well.

I joined Jamberry almost on a whim (which I never do) and it has been an Unexpected Blessing!

I had had a big life transition prior to my introduction to Jamberry. In the course of 5 months, I had gotten married, moved across the country and started a new job.  I needed an outlet that was fun, I needed something different, I needed something to take my mind off everything that seemed unfamiliar or foreign in my life.

It surprised me because it’s not a part of my personality that really had come out before. I’m not always a girly girl, but joining went beyond the product. It wasn’t just a fun nail wrap, there was so much underneath the surface.

To be honest, I initially felt awkward around my closest family and friends because it became an unexpected passion that I was learning to embrace. I’m not sure if they initially understood. Now that I have embraced my love of the product, company and team that supports me, I am much more confident in how this facet of my personality shapes me and challenges me to grow and stretch myself.

Jamberry is a culture of love, service and empowerment that as soon as I joined, I absolutely knew I was supposed to be a part of.

My business was an immediate success at its launch, but after just under two years, I saw my team dissolving beneath me and I wondered what I had done wrong. I kept at it because it was more to me. I don’t quit when something gets hard, even though I didn’t know what to do next.

I kept with it because of “my why”: It was providing a fun outlet to share a product I enjoyed with others, which brought a smile and increased confidence. When you are passionate about something, don’t you just want to share it with others?

I have discovered that I have many passions to be thankful for, and I know as I continue through life, I will learn about many more.

#BecauseofJamberry, I am learning and growing in an unexpected way with a community of people that encourage and inspire me everyday.

What untapped passion is below the surface for you? How will you pursue it?




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