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My Word for 2021: Endures

We have made it to the last few days of 2020! It’s hard to believe and a relief all wrapped into one! I love how this last week of the year is one of reflection and planning. I love the hopefulness and energy to start fresh.

God constantly reminds me that I start fresh each day as I wake up to His new morning mercies. Whether it’s a new year, a birthday or just a new season, God provides all that we need to start anew.

I looked back and discovered that I’ve been selecting a word for ringing in a new year since 2014. This has been a wonderful practice in listening to God’s voice and constantly turning back to His Word. This year’s word taught me a lot about God’s call to pause and remain faithful.

As I reflect on 2020 and look forward to 2021, I know that things won’t magically get easier. We are still in the middle of a devastating pandemic. I am still in a transitional season in my career. I am still trying to get back into an exercise routine, but have taken the first step.

A new year will bring its own challenges, just as I faced challenges this year. What kind of attitude will I have in 2021? How I look forward and respond to challenge makes all the difference.

As I began intentionally praying about a word and listening, God revealed the word “endurance.” As a runner, it’s a word very familiar to me. But it also applies to so many other aspects of my life in this season.

Some of the phrases in these definition that stuck out include: “to bear…with patience”; and “to continue to exist.” I think we can all relate to that latter one and how precious life is in the midst of so much tragedy.

As I began to explore Scripture, the second half of a famous love passage was revealed.

When we think about love, which comes from God, it’s open and grace-filled. “All things” encompasses everything, the good and the bad. God’s love bears the injustice of senseless murder. God’s love believes in unlovable hearts being transformed. God’s love hopes for more people to hear about Jesus. God’s love endured the death of His son Jesus for my eternal life.

While this word may seem too much for some, it provides hope and my desire to persevere and to exist in the arms of my Father. He has been present with me in 2020 through some really difficult challenges and he isn’t going away.

As I center my life and my tasks around this word and passage, my prayer is that goals and accomplishments can be given back to God for His glory.

I pray that in 2021, you can also find a word that calls you back to God’s heart and keeps you steadfast in His love.

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