Names of Jesus – A Lenten Series

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I really enjoyed the 31 Days blog writing series I participated in last fall. I decided to use the season of Lent to begin a blogging rhythm again in 2016. It’s a season of reflection and meditation and a great way for me to dive deeper into my personal devotion time. If you can keep me accountable through this blog and receive God’s Word in your life, then I am thankful for the opportunity.

This Wednesday begins the season of Lent, as we remember where we came from and where we are going when life ends. The imposition of Ashes launches 40 days of meditation on the man of Jesus. Who He was and what He did as He lived as a man on this earth; who He was as God and who He is now to us as He lives eternally with His Father.

During the 40 days I am going to reflect on the names of Jesus. How was he described by those who followed him? How would I describe Him and the relationship I have with Him?  Each Sunday, (this day is not included in the 40 each week), I will take Sabbath and remember the risen Lord and worship Him!

As I was thinking about this series, a song I learned in high school popped into my head. It seemed like the most appropriate theme song for this series.

Jesus has so many names and they are all so very true! Join me beginning on Wednesday, as I explore names I am familiar with, ones that I have heard and want to explore more and go deeper into my relationship with the one who given us earthly life, died for us and will be with us in life eternal!


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