Names of Jesus Day 5: Worthy of Praise

While yesterday was Sabbath for many of you, being a professional church worker means that Sunday morning is only partially a day of rest and maybe not at all. I participate in corporate worship with fellow members of my congregation, but I also am working, leading various activities, having ministry-related conversations, etc…

Yesterday was a very full day in that aspect, but I began the day (very early, I might add), with worship music in my car on my way to church. I also came home very late and listened to the same that evening.

In the midst of a crazy, productive, wonderful day of serving the Lord I was able to acknowledge that He is Worthy of Praise.

Every day I wake up, He is worthy of praise.
Every day I am provided with food, shelter and clothes, He is worthy of praise.
Every day I safely make it to where I need to go, He is worthy of praise.
Every day, Jesus is worthy of praise for what he had done for me!


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