not so perfect

I have returned from vacation, rested and refreshed. I have also returned from a time away where I began to question who I am and what I have done in life. Jokingly, many people perceive me as “perfect”, a word I would never identify with. Sure, I am a perfectionist, but it’s not an attainable existence, and not even one I desire to have.

I struggle because being called “perfect” compares me to other people, and I don’t like to be compared. We are all individuals with our own personalities and own ways of dealing in life. The most common element I share with every single person is that we are all sinners. But because of the way society has “ranked” sin, we are all looked at differently. A murderer is hated more than a a thief because of the larger consequence of their sin. But sin is sin. The sin I commit, whatever it may be, is no better or worse than a murderer. In the eyes of God, we are all fallen sinners, deserving eternal damnation.

That may be a harsh way of looking at it, but its the complete truth. Only by the grace of God through the body and blood of Jesus Christ is our sin removed and are we seen as pure and holy in the eyes of God. My sin may not be broadcasted to the world, but I still have to deal with it and ask for forgiveness like everyone else.

Maybe I haven’t “lived life to the fullest” because I haven’t made a bunch of stupid mistakes, or rebelled against authority, or whatever, but the insecurities that eat at my being cause me to sin against God in other ways.

My only comfort must be in the cross. Must be in the sacrifice of His Son. He has taken my sin and everyone’s sin to the cross, where it has been buried in death, so that we may have life eternal! Praise God for his perfection, and for accepting all of our imperfections – inside and out.

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