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It’s been too short an amount of time since I wrote one of these posts.

  • We are still going to and sending our children to schools and universities…
  • We are still shopping at malls…
  • We are still going to movie theaters..
  • We are still worshipping in churches…
  • We are still running races…
  • And those that work on military bases, whether in uniform or as a civilian, will continue to go to work and protect our country.
It’s too soon to feel this way again.
I am so sad for the families of the victims…they got up that morning committed to going to work, just like they did every day. Many people work in jobs where they risk their life, but not everyone has that expectation when they go to work. 
I’ve been hooked to the media outlets all week waiting for answers. But we will likely never know why and even if we did, it doesn’t change the fact that lives were lost. 
Even a few days after, it has disappeared from the headlines. It’s not on the front page, because it has happened too many times before, but that doesn’t make it less important. Most tragedies in this country don’t get headlines, but they are still tragedies that cause pain and loss in the lives of people. 
We’ve already moved on. But it’s still important to grieve, if only for a moment, and pray for the passage of time and for healing to begin. 

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  • Constance

    I sat by the computer for a day in a 9/11 fog and wondered how this happened again and nothing seemed any different. and then watched life move on too quickly…. another small piece of too think skin and that grieves my heart

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