Of all places…

During this season of Lent, my fast has been of facebook. And I have been successful in not getting on. But for the first 4 1/2 weeks I’ve struggled with taking the time not on facebook and putting it towards my relationship with God. 
My personal devotion time has been less than stellar, yet the desire has not gone away…I just couldn’t do it. The ‘why’ I don’t know, but I wasn’t making it a part of my daily routine. 
Finally I did it and I felt refreshed! Why don’t I remember that every time I turn away? I picked up my devotion in the book of Proverbs and found some insights that I knew God was revealing at that time.
Then I started the book of Ecclesiastes. In the past, this book never made sense, I never really got it. I mean I get it, but it never touched my heart like it did just a day ago. But now God is revealing so much more to me, that I didn’t see before. Even though I turned away and ignored His Word, He never left. And I just the right time, he revealed exactly what He wanted me to see.
Also from this revealing, and along with several other signs, I know that God is telling me to “GO”. Not actually to sell everything and go, but to go on a mission trip. I don’t know how, when, or where, but I feel Him leading me in that direction. 

Even though I am struggling with other issues and questions in life, I know God is leading me with this and with everything else, too.

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