out of place

I just returned from a business/pleasure trip where I am on a team planning a huge national event. I’ve been to several of these meetings over the past four years and always enjoy the time spent with friends and colleagues.

Yet, a part of my introverted self that I am still uncomfortable with, always seems to come out.  I own who I am, but that doesn’t mean I am completely comfortable all the time. I stand in a room full of people, or sit on a bus and I notice that everyone else around me seems to be in playful or deep conversations, while I am sitting in silence.

Why can’t I engage in conversation? I am surely not avoiding it, but I also know that if someone doesn’t  start, it likely won’t be me who starts it up.  I feel oddly out of place when this occurs and often ask, “What’s wrong with me?”  There are times when I don’t mind it, when I am purposely observing rather than engaging, but in these specific situations, is when I most notice my uniqueness as an introvert.

I am with a group of people that I know well enough, yet I still feel out of place?

When have you felt out of a place within a comfort zone? How did you deal?

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