wonder drug

Zicam. Ever heard of it? I am calling it the wonder drug. I woke up yesterday morning all congested. My nose ran like there was no tomorrow and I just felt yucky. Then a friend told me about Zicam, and to take it on the onset of the symptoms. So I did. …And it worked! … [Read more…]


I am conservative when it comes to certain issues too, but no communion because you voted for Obama? Where do these people get their ideas? “SC priest: No communion for Obama supportersSC Roman Catholic priest says Obama supporters shouldn’t receive Holy Communion”http://www.newsweek.com/id/168949/page/1


I received an interesting article in my latest weekly CPYU email update that I received today. It’s about why students leave the faith after high school, but it high lights a passage written by William Wilberforce over 200 years ago. I just think it’s incredible that in 200+ years, it hasn’t changed. Young people were … [Read more…]


I never thought it would be this hard to transition from college friends to real world friends. But I am a firm believer that college does not prepare you socially for the real world…Do you agree? Although, I have many friends that have established their own group on their own…why can’t I? I know it … [Read more…]

i remember…

I remember The sun shining down On his bronzed and dirty face He worked in his garden Caring for God’s creation I remember A warm breeze lightly ran across my skin I watched him intently He looked tired But he never wavered in his steps I remember Feeling so free and relaxed Forgetting insignificant details … [Read more…]


How do you show someone you still care about them, even though they have chosen a path that you may not agree with them on?

economic crisis

This article is written for college students, but I think it provides some good tips and Scriptural references to remind us that God provides what we need when we need it, even in the midst of uncertainty. http://www.trueu.org/dorms/stulounge/A000000961.cfm


Here are the 2nd and 3rd definition for the word “retreat” found on merriam-webster.com: 2: a place of privacy or safety : refuge3: a period of group withdrawal for prayer, meditation, study, or instruction under a director Both fit the retreat I attended on Thursday and Friday, but for me I think the best definition … [Read more…]


Why does it seem like busy = stressed? Just because I am busy, doesn’t mean I’m stressed out. Right? Why do we associate one with another? I chose this lifestyle. I like being busy. There is stress, but that’s part of life. I know I would rather be busy than bored. So, if I say … [Read more…]


This month is very busy. I know every month is busy for church workers, but this one is especially busy. I am not complaining, because I hate to complain, I just needed some place to vent my thoughts on the issue. How did life get so busy? I like to be busy, but sometimes I … [Read more…]