March Madness

The MADNESS begins today. 32 games in 48 hours…then more games next weekend, and the week after that…oh how I love it! This day, every year, I am proud to be a Hoosier, and hail from the great basketball state… Never will I forget those roots. Who knew practically everyone would enjoy making their picks, … [Read more…]


Friendship is hard. Well, that was either an obvious statement or the hard truth. It’s very frustrating sometimes because it’s supposed to be a two way street, and right now I driving it all alone. I’m not saying I am the perfect friend, because I am far from it. I am tired after work and … [Read more…]

the devil is bad…

I think that is a title or phrase from a old song by a Christian group whose name slips my mind at the moment. But anyway, I spent the last two weeks in what most would call a “funk.” I was completely unmotivated, and could hear these voices (no, I’m not crazy, like that) telling … [Read more…]

a plethora…

– Tomorrow night I am going to see a famous comedian at the Fox Theatre! I am excited to go out and be social and do something fun…it’s been awhile! – I just found out yesterday that both of my sisters are coming up to visit in May! Yay! I can’t wait! – The last … [Read more…]


Who knew the start of a new month could lift my spirits so much?! I am so glad it is March 1, because we are that much closer to spring and warmer weather! Now, I know I live in MI and the next week (or several weeks) is going to still be cold and snowy, … [Read more…]


I thought today would be harder…It’s a year later and life has gone on…But many people are praying…I prayed to God for strength at a difficult time…He took care of me. He takes care of me. He takes care of us all. Praise God that all the saints who have gone before us are having … [Read more…]

travel bug

I think I have the travel bug. I want to get out! Perhaps it is the long-drawn out, snow-filled winter in which I have experienced in the state of MI. Perhaps it is the two-year drought since I have left the country. Perhaps it just my desire to see the world because I know that … [Read more…]

the call

So, a lot of conversation I have had lately is related to “the call.” I am on internship and have officially been extended my first call. However, I find the whole concept difficult to wrap my brain around. Perhaps, the reason is because I have never had this happen to me before. It’s a decision … [Read more…]


So, this past weekend I rented the movie, “Becoming Jane” I have wanted to see it for awhile, because I love movies about real people…even if they say the story is somewhat made-up. I have to admit I watched it several times and I found it quite refreshing. I love period pieces because of the … [Read more…]