Meant to Be

We were late. We had been driving back from Michigan the day before and not arrived home until after 11pm. When we fell asleep at 1am, we decided that 7am was too early to leave in the morning, so we pushed it back to 9am. We were having a leisurely morning and so we didn’t … [Read more…]

My Why

Last weekend I got to check Utah off my list of states I haven’t yet visited. While I was there, I attended JamCon (a conference for a company called Jamberry, which I’ve sold nail products for as a hobby for over 3 years). I am glad I finally had the chance to go. It was … [Read more…]

Rest & Gratitude

The human body is amazing. And in recent months and weeks, I have realized the fragility and resilience unique to each person’s body. I had a sudden and severe bout of allergies about a month ago, and instead of pushing through, I took a day off. I was amazed that the next morning, while not 100%, … [Read more…]


Many times over the last month or so,  I have attempted to sit down and write a post. But, I’ve stopped myself every time because I thought…  “That’s too personal, I can’t share that.”                    “I’m afraid of the response I will receive If I share this.” I … [Read more…]

Wk 6: Our Transient Neighbors

We had two neighbors move away this week. One was our next door neighbor who I had just gotten to know but moved away due to life events. Some neighbors on the floor below that I didn’t know apparently left very abruptly. A few neighbors were asking around to see if anyone knew what happened. … [Read more…]

Wk 5: Our Displaced Neighbors

The Scriptural basis for this series is the Parable of the Good Samaritan. The story of a man robbed, being displaced and being helped by an unlikely neighbor. This parable plays out in our lives today as we are witness to and have the opportunity to help in plight of refugees. Yesterday, I learned the … [Read more…]

Wk 3: God’s Under-Rower

God’s Under-Rower by Greg Arnett In July 1999 I went on a medical missionary trip to Haiti where I literally pulled teeth for a week. I had always wanted to be a dentist, and God fulfilled that dream on this trip (although that’s another story). However, it didn’t all end so well. Below is an … [Read more…]

Wk 2: My Neighbor is Hungry

This week’s post comes from a friend of mine, Jennifer, who had an experience just last week. I asked if her story could be shared here and with her permission, it is written below. After Ash Wednesday Noon Service I had the privilege to have lunch with a friend. As I was leaving the restaurant; … [Read more…]