Songs of Christmas: Joy to the World

Our world is in need of some joy right about now. While I had not been avoiding the dire situation in Aleppo, I hadn’t read much until I came across this letter, written by Ann Voskamp. The pictures are difficult to take in. The real time tweets from Bana are unimaginable, and yet they are … [Read more…]

Songs of Christmas

They are songs and hymns we have heard dozens of times each Christmas, adding up to hundreds and thousands of times we’ve heard them whether we are celebrating our 12th or 60th season. Yet, dependent upon the year we’ve had or the type of season it is, sometimes the words of these songs are heard … [Read more…]

The Joy of Children (#write31days – Day 30)

This afternoon we hosted our annual church Trunk or Treat event. Even though I help to facilitate it, it’s such a joy to participate. I love seeing the children dressed up in their Halloween costumes, gathering candy, playing games and having fun! I also love seeing all the kids at heart decorating their trunks and … [Read more…]

The Joy of Dressing Up (#write31days – Day 29)

Whether the play closet in my childhood preschool/Kindergarten classroom, dressing up for a fancy event or carefully selecting and putting together a Halloween costume, I love to dress up! I am a horrible actor, but thankfully dressing up for Halloween also doesn’t mean you always have to play the part. There’s so much fun in … [Read more…]

The Joy of Grace (#write31days – Day 27)

It’s 30 minutes until a new day and I have yet to post for the 31 day challenge.  I had gone several days without planning what I would write, but having no trouble, because something joyful arose to blog about. Today was a good day, but nothing special happened. I don’t have enough thoughts for a … [Read more…]