The Joy of Learning (#write31days – Day 25)

Today I spent my time at a district conference. I typically most enjoy these conferences for the opportunity to re-connect with ministry friends and acquaintances and meet new people as well. The theme/topic doesn’t usually matter to me, and in fact, this time around, I had not even had a chance to take a glance … [Read more…]

The Joy of Opportunity (#write31days – Day 24)

On Thursday, I had the joy and opportunity to gather with fellow professional church workers in northern VA for a monthly gathering. What made it even more special was that a friend of mine was sharing about her and her husband’s journey into becoming full-time missionaries to Uganda. This morning we got to catch up … [Read more…]

The Joy of Adventure! (#write31days – Day 21)

Today has been a joyful adventure! On Wednesday evening, I learned that my brother in law and his girlfriend were going to come and visit! They had traveled to Niagara Falls from Michigan and were continuing south because they wanted to hike in some mountains! When they learned we didn’t live that far away, they … [Read more…]