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So often,  I want to rewind or fast forward my life, but today I just want to press “Pause.”

I’ve reached a point in the last few days where I recognize the need and desire to slow down and organize the thoughts in my head.

I had started a “Questions Jesus Asked” series on this blog and was regularly spending time in the Word and enjoying writing devotional posts. But it quickly became a chore, a more of a “have to” rather than “I want to”, because people were following (and enjoying) the posts. I need to press “Pause” on that series, although I plan to continue to read and journal the questions, as it has been a good personal discipline for myself and I am still learning and growing because of it.

Also, we are approaching the 31 Days Blog Challenge, so I’ve got many ideas running through my mind as to what my theme will be.  I also was looking back at my posts from last year and am excited for a new challenge to write every day.

I know you understand the ever-changing moments and appreciate you following me on this journey.

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