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Perspectives on Life & Love Carnival: Unexpected


I just discovered Modern Mrs. Darcy today and was inspired to join her carnival blog with my own story of love. 
Everything about how we met and our relationship was unexpected, in the best way possible.
We met on a church mission trip.  Here’s the kicker: one of was Christian, one of us was not. Encountering people of various beliefs on a regular basis is not too unusual, but the dynamic of the group on this trip was Christian teenagers and adults volunteering to serve the local community.
In our first conversation, he bared his soul about himself, his unbelief and how he was transitioning between two careers. His ability to open up to me, someone he had just met, was intriguing. What caught my attention was how easy it was to talk to him and how genuine he was in his speech. (What should have caught my attention was his mohawk and motorcycle, but those were additional perks!)
He was just going to ask me out to flatter me, but instead he got a “yes” and that is how our story began.  
On our first date there were fireworks: I mean that both literally and in the “romantic spark” kind of way. As we began dating, and then entered into our relationship, I found myself in the healthiest place I had ever been as we were open in our communication, experienced adventure together and just absolutely enjoyed each other’s company to the fullest. 
For the first time ever in my life, I didn’t worry about the future (it was an unknown variable of our relationship from the start). He taught me how to live in the moment and enjoy one day at a time. 
I experienced a lot of “firsts” in this relationship: riding on his motorcycle, getting a tattoo and running a marathon together, to name a few! Seriously, though, with each new experience, we were in it together and it made life more purposeful and meaningful.  
We knew we were different in so many ways. For me, a professional in the church, the most obvious was our differences in belief. Yet, I could count on one hand the number of faith conversations I had with previous Christian boyfriends, while with him, it had been countless. What I discovered was that we had mutual respect for our differences and were able to communicate and even disagree, and yet love one another for how we had been shaped in our identities. 
In the early spring, we got engaged in an unexpected way (permanent marker ring & reverse surprise party for our friends), but how appropriate for our journey! Within three months of engagement we were married and thus far are enjoying the perks and adventures as newlyweds. I am so excited for a future together and for the unexpectedness that has defined and enriched our lives. 

This post is inspired by the series started here, check it out @ Modern Mrs. Darcy

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