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Photo Challenge Themes

Ok, it’s time to announce the themes I will be using for my photo challenge in January.

I decided on 4 different themes for the entire month. One theme would have been overwhelming for my first challenge and I didn’t feel like a new topic everyday would give time for reflection.

So, for January 1 – 8, the theme will be Peace.

For January 9 – 16, the theme will be Joy.

And January 17 – 24, the theme will be Love.

Finally, January 25 – 31, the theme will be Hope.

Did you catch that? Yes, it’s the themes from Advent. But wait, isn’t the Christmas season over? Yes, it is, but I really love the idea of looking at those themes as we begin a new year. What will each of these look like in 2013? How do each of these resonate in our lives as we just celebrated how each was expressed in the birth of our Savior?

The guidelines I have set for myself are here:
1. All photos have to be taken during the month. If two are taken on a day, that’s ok. I am the type that might need to plan ahead, but also, if two captured photos are inspiring, I think they should be used.

2. Each photo may or may not come with a title and that’s it. (It will be hard for me not to reflect, but my purpose is to express through picture rather than words.)

3. I will still write entries, as I am inspired, but I won’t post them until February.

Challenge begins January 1st! I can’t wait to start!


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