Prince Caspian

So…I just went and saw Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian, for the 2nd time a few nights ago. Although I haven’t read the book, knowing about the Christian undertones made it that much more meaningful. I hear it was watered down and hollywoodized, but still the message came through pretty clearly. I hope that those who go see it, get the more powerful message that C.S. Lewis conveys in his books.

I’m sure the reviews were less than stellar, and there aren’t any hollywood megastars in the movie, but this sequel proves that you don’t need any of that to succeed. Adults love it, kids love it and it has a great message…movies don’t get much better than that!

And…I love the soundtrack! Most specifically “The Call” by Regina Spektor at the end of the movie and the Switchfoot song: “This is Home” Appropriate for the movie and as a reminder for our lives today as Christians!

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