Quality not Quantity

New Year's Resolutions


I have three goals for 2015. These are probably the most realistic and exciting goals I could shoot for.  Not really related to my health or work, but focused on myself and being a more complete, content person.  Quality, not Quantity. While there is nothing wrong with resolutions, like in the image above, as many are things I always strive for, I need to think in broader terms for myself.

Slow Down.

I think I have finally come to terms with the fact that I can’t slow down the pace in the area we live in. However, I can make changes in my own life that help me to slow down, even if the world around me keeps moving faster. This month, I am planning a series on “How to Slow Down”, which will chronicle the steps I am taking to enjoy the restful moments instead of trying to keep up and say, “I’m busy,” (whatever that really means).

Worry less.

I became a bit of a worry wart these last few years. I have always been one to some extent, but I had really learned to dial it back (or so I thought). Suddenly it came rushing in and I don’t like the type of person it has made me. I feel very much outside my skin when I get so worried about the smallest things. I never thought, “Don’t sweat the small stuff,” applied to me.  I tend to worry when I have no control over something that could potentially greatly impact me, but it never does me any good.  I worry about the big stuff too, but in all situations, conversations (with God & with others) are usually the best solution.Worry also causes stress and I could definitely have less of that in my life, too.  I know I can’t predict what will happen next, so focusing on my word for 2015, hope, really is the best step forward.  Jesus really knew what he was talking about in  Matthew 6.

Write more.

In 2014, I stepped back from writing for myself and from this blog and I really missed it. I needed that time away, but I stayed away longer than was necessary.

Because of how I process, (almost entirely in my head), writing my thoughts really helps me express how I feel. While I like putting all my thoughts together internally, if I don’t let them out, that’s worse. They get all jumbled up and it becomes too overwhelming for me.

This blog serves a purpose, mostly as a journal. I don’t write all my most intimate thoughts here, but I do find value in sharing in this way. For whoever reads it, I hope they find value for themselves in it, too.


I like these goals because they aren’t just short term, they are of value for my future and the road I am traveling down in 2015 and beyond.

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