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Questions Jesus Asked

I have an issue with accountability, specifically in regards to my daily walk with the Lord.

It shouldn’t be difficult to start my day with God. Even with a bay window nook that I created specifically for quiet time, free of distractions, it seems that screen time wins out every morning.

It’s interesting because I crave God’s Word in my life, so deeply and want to study it all.  But the thought becomes so overwhelming because there are so many things I want to study; which causes me to hesitate, back out and do nothing at all. This has been an on-going cycle which has caused nothing but frustration for me.

This blog serves as a public journal for me and regardless of who reads, it has become an accountability partner for me. I’ve done series’ before, where I commit to writing every day for a month or during the season of Lent, and I have been able to make the commitment and follow through to the end.

Perhaps it’s time again to use this space as a tool for studying God’s Word and providing a place for thought and discussion, if you desire to find a better rhythm as well.

In May, I attended a conference where I heard the speaker challenge us to look at all the questions that Jesus asked in the Gospels.

Anytime is a good time to learn more about Jesus, that is why we have Holy Scripture to hear, read and study. The world is broken and so am I, and the only person who can put us back together is Jesus. Why not know him better, so we can seek him always both in time and need and time of thankfulness?

I don’t have a formula for how this will look. Some days I may just post a couple of questions with some questions I have about what Jesus is asking, (and I look forward to discussion with you in the comments). And other days, I may have more to say about just one question.

Looking forward to starting this journey and finding a rhythm to study God’s Word! Thanks for reading and studying along with me!



  • Michelle

    I am looking forward to seeing this questions of Jesus blog series develop. I’ve wanted to dig into Jesus’ questions ever since my coaching instructor suggested it as a way to dig deeper into the Word and learn from the best coach of all! Maybe God is using YOU, Emily, to encourage me to do it!

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