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Reflections of the Photo challenge

Ok, so time for an explanation.

I was really enjoying the photo challenge. I was taking pictures and adding cool effects using an app called, “EyeEm”. ¬†Free. Awesome. You get the picture…ha. Wow, I am in a corny mood, I guess.

So here is what I learned and why the last week wasn’t in photo form.

1) I have a better appreciation for those who have the photographer’s eye. I definitely do not, but it was fun, anyway.

2) It’s challenging to take pics of one subject for a week. I might try a different one a day next time I do it.

3) I prefer painting pictures through writing than through actual visuals.

4) “Hope” is far too abstract a word for me to decipher in picture form.The verse I posted from Hebrews for today is the best explanation of hope we have as Christians. It was getting harder with each day and by the time I got to the week of “hope” I wasn’t seeing it as easily as the other themes.

5) The topics I picked were both abstract and concrete, which made it a bit of a challenge some of the time. I know people far more talented than I who could have taken pictures of “hope”, but I wasn’t sure what this looked like in the settings I was in.

6) Even though I was a very busy traveler in the month of January, when I wasn’t away, I was a homebody. I went from home to work and back and that was it. It made it a bit more challenging to have more opportunities to take pictures.

7) I am a shy photographer. This is not a revelation. I probably could have taken more adventurous photos, had I not been concerned about people watching me or not wanting a photo of them. I was also careful not to get faces of people, but rather movement and candid shots. This is a skill that I enjoy, but am not comfortable with, hence my hesitation at times.

8) Peace was the easiest of the 4. I don’t know if it was because it was the start of the new year or a perspective I continually strive for, but I had no problem taking those pictures. Ironic, considering how much we focus on the turmoil in our world, huh?

Overall, I enjoyed the photo challenge. Next time it probably will be a smaller amount of time and more variety in pictures. There were some great moments that I captured and reflected on and I am thankful for that.

Anyone else take on a photo challenge in the new year? How did you pan out? What have you learned?

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  • Erin Forsberg

    Great reflections! The thing I really love about photography is that it is so subjective. You can interpret “hope” or any other word pretty much however you want. I'm loving my photo challenge. While I haven't taken a photo every day, there are days I've taken LOTS of photos, so it balances out. It's been so fun to look at the world in a different way or to look back at what I've taken and see how that can fit a word prompt. Hope you try it again sometime!

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